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Serap Seker Baby Steps

Find your Baby Steps path with my free quiz.

We know, we’ve got a lot of resources here. Here’s a quiz to help you navigate what you need based on your experience level. Baby Steps are designed for a beginning photographer, and also is curated for a more advanced and experienced photographer.

Are you a baby photographer struggling:


to take better photos and create consistency with your editing style?


to pose the baby with confidence and using the light to create consistency in your images?


to book with your ideal clients, make more money and take you photography business to the next level?



Babies & Photographers Associaton is amazing. It’s such a fantastic resource and the best place to get motivated and be an award-winning photographer.

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Babies & Photographers Association is an online community of photographers that brings them together, motivates, educates & awards them, and gives them the resources they need to take more photos they love.

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