Baby Steps Photography Podcast (In Turkish)

The live-workshop style photography podcast is helping photographers grow their business. You can train with us and the experts on how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along your photography journey

Podcast Serap Seker Baby Steps
Podcast Serap Seker Baby Steps
Podcast Serap Seker Baby Steps

Welcome to the Baby Steps Photography Podcast with Serap & Volkan, an educational podcast for photographers who want to take better photos and build a business they love.

We are married for over 10 years and we know what it means to struggle and succeed. Immigrating to another country, we built a photography business from the ground up, turned it into one of the most successful in the industry, and have since taught hundreds of online students how to succeed, too. 

In this photography podcast, we share our personal secrets and business strategies to help YOU live the best version of your life and your business. We believe that success isn’t for the chosen few. It’s for those who choose.


Take better photos

We will help to take beautiful photos


Make more money

Tips for a successful photography business


Inspire & Motivate

We’ll share the best practices for you to inspire and motivate

Podcast Serap Seker Baby Steps


Ep 021- Ya Sonra?

Ep 021- Ya Sonra?

Bölüm Özeti: Türkçe içerik üretmeyi bıraktık. Ama neden? Türkiye'de sadece bir tane olan Bebek Fotoğrafçılığı Akademisi olarak Türkçe bloglar, dergiler,...

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Podcast Serap Seker Baby Steps

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