This will change your photography business: THE MAMBA MENTALITY

May 25, 2022 | Marketing

Mamba Mentality For Photographers


How has this book changed our lives and our photography business?

What will photographers learn from this book?

How can you grow your business with this mindset?

Kobe Bryant was one of the best and most successful basketball players globally. In this book about his approach to basketball and his career, he shares how he made a difference and what he did differently for basketball players and young people. But when you substitute your photography work for basketball, you’ll be surprised at the results.

He explains in great detail, step by step, how to prepare both mentally and physically. He talks about how he analyzes his competitors, how he manages his passion, his practice methods, and most importantly, how he builds a winning MINDSET.

How did we adapt this to photography, and what can you learn from this book?

Mamba Mentality
THE IMPORTANT THING IS to be aware of how you feel and how you should feel. Everything starts wıth awareness.

First of all, you need to be aware of your abilities and what you can and cannot do. Once you reach this awareness, you can direct your journey.

One of the first things we did when we started the photography business 0 as an immigrant in a different country was to realize the current situation, create a strategy, do what no one else did to be successful, and work like no one else did.

Kobe Bryant The Mamba Mentality for photographers

You have to work hard in the dark to shine in the light.

After hearing this quote from Kobe Bryant and reading how he constantly practiced while sacrificing his sleep, you can understand his passion for basketball.

We asked ourselves: Are you that passionate about photography?

If you can answer yes to this question, your life will change completely. Being successful takes much work. When it’s time for everyone to go to bed, your brain tells you it’s time to stand out from the competition and make a difference. This doesn’t happen in a day. You understand that it is a journey, and then your work starts to make more sense.

“Everyone wants to be successful, to do great things. But very few make an effort and sacrifice to bring that success. Those who don’t always have other worries and excuses, whether it’s important or not. I think that might be it; after all, being a legend isn’t for everyone.”

Try it if you want to do something new in your photography business. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, be wrong, or embarrass yourself. Always keep in mind that this is a long journey.


One of the biggest problems photographers complain about is competition. Kobe Bryant offers excellent tips to guide photographers on this.

While everyone in the world compares Kobe Bryant with the other best basketball players, he goes to these basketball players and tries to find out how they are successful and what they do to be the best. He gets mentoring from them. Kobe constantly watches the games of the best basketball players, analyzes their movements and games, uses them for his own game and develops them further. He continually asks questions to Michael Jordan and gets support from him.

Kobe played every game with the same mentality. He wanted to play his best and be the best. You can apply this to your photography career as well. You may have given a client a great experience today, and you may have taken great photos, but you have to do it consistently. You should offer the same experience to your next customer. That’s why every photoshoot is a process where you have to put out your best again. It would help if you made this process perfect and continuous.

Every semester, Kobe focuses on an area that he lacks in his game and practices until he is perfect. You can improve it by constantly practicing on the subjects you feel are missing in your photography business. Outdoor shots, use of light or newborn posing. Which one do you think you are missing, focus on it and practice constantly.

Serap Seker

If you want to be really great at something, you have to really care about it. If you want to be great in a certain field, you have to obsess about it. If you want to be the best, you have to have a different point of view than everyone else. If you want to be a better photographer, you have to practice and practice a little more.

Mindset isn’t about seeking a result – it’s more about the process of reaching that result. It’s about the journey and the approach.

It is a way of life. I think it’s essential to have that mindset in all endeavours.

Kobe Bryant


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