Top 3 Topics you need to focus on as a Photographer

Jan 3, 2022 | Client

Serap Seker Baby Steps

Hello fellow photographers,
My photographer friends always ask what they should learn first and what they should focus on.

First of all, you should definitely have a professional website, brand, logo, beautiful designs, contracts, business licences, tax numbers etc. (If Volkan had written, he had already 3 million pages on this subject now 🙂 ) for your business.

However, the first thing you need to learn is that before you start your business, you need to learn about why people will pay you. There is no end to learning and self-development. You cannot say, ‘ know everything, I have nothing left to learn. I mean, you might say, but it’s called something else, and it’s outside of here, the Academy, and our topic 🙂 The first thing you need to learn: ‘HOW TO USE LIGHT’

In our last online meeting of birth and newborn photographers, we explained which LIGHT rules should be followed when shooting indoors and outdoors. This issue is so crucial. Because if you do not understand and apply the light and its rules, everything else will suffer from it. If you do not understand the light, you will have difficulties with editing; if you have difficulties with them, your photo will not be the way you want; if it is not good, your portfolio will not be good; if it is not good, you will have a hard time finding that ideal customer you want. A complete Butterfly Effect. You can edit photos for hours, you cannot reflect the prices you want to your customers… I hope I was able to express it clearly 🙂

Depth, contrast, highlight, shadows, background, foreground… I need to pay attention to all of them in order to take beautiful, clean, timeless photos. I used Zoom Lens for a long time, but then when I switched to Prime Lens, my photos literally changed. I am sure you will be very happy when you find the answers to questions such as why there are shadows like raccoons, why the colour of the skin looks green and blue, the landscape looks very good when I look at it with the naked eye, but it does not look like that in my photograph, especially in outdoor shots. That smile on your face and the feeling of kissing and smelling your photo is priceless when you reflect that sunlight on your photo in a fabulous way :)))

The 2nd Technical Topic you need to learn: Learning Editing. Whether it’s Photoshop, Lightroom, both, or a different program. The main idea here is to find the technique that will give consistency to your photos and create a workflow that will not lock you up for hours on the screen. My photographer friends have incredible photos, but because they don’t know how to edit photos, those beautiful photos can’t provide enough impact. I have two absolute recommendations:) Make sure to use Lightroom, take RAW photos. If you say you are a professional photographer, you have to shoot RAW.

Third technical topic you need to learn: POSING. This has many effects, first of all, it puts your client at ease and helps them look great in front of the camera, which will give you references. Who will spend that much money on advertising? Not you. Let your customers do it for you :)) Exposure is purely a marketing strategy. That’s why Volkan does the outdoor posing and I pose newborns :)) Even though he still can’t pose the baby, I’ll leave it to him for outdoor and family shots. You have to deal with problems such as where to put the subject in the sun, how to find a background, how to protect the lens from sunlight, how to prevent our photos from looking hazy.
That’s why you definitely need to learn a lot about LIGHT, LIGHTROOM, POSING. The above sounds familiar to you and if you want to overcome them now, we can help you 🙂 Just send us a message.

With Love



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